Postdoctoral Appointees - Simulation and Systems Thrust

Argonne seeks multiple postdoctoral candidates to participate in projects that model the behavior of multiqubit systems, develop quantum algorithms for materials simulations, perform quantum network simulations, and develop quantum network protocols. Postdoctoral appointees will have a unique opportunity to become part of Argonne’s Quantum Information Science Strategic Initiative in the simulation and systems thrust and collaborate with Q-NEXT scientists. The lab is targeting exceptional recent or expected PhD degree recipients in a computational or engineering discipline or in physics. The lab is seeking candidates with knowledge of computing and experience in one or more of the following:

  • Simulation of open quantum systems, noise characterization, or quantum error correction;
  • Development of variational quantum algorithms with applications in quantum chemistry;
  • Simulations of quantum networks or development of quantum network protocols;
  • Optimization of quantum algorithms and quantum programming (e.g., using Qiskit);
  • High-performance computing or scientific computing;
  • Large-scale code development in C, C++, Python, or Go.

Candidates can apply at https://bit.ly/34beW6M. Positions are available with start dates in 2021, and U.S. citizenship or permanent residency is not required. Please contact Martin Suchara (msuchara@anl.gov) with any questions.

Keysight - Women in Quantum Mentoring Program

Q-NEXT partner Keysight Technologies is leading a professional mentoring program to cover the needs of the wider community of women in quantum. Mentors will work with mentees on technical, soft, and business skills in quantum information science. Enrollment for this program takes place three times a year. Learn more, or sign up to participate as a mentor or a mentee.

HRL Laboratories, LLC, Internships

HRL Laboratories, LLC, is a research and development laboratory that specializes in advancing ultra-high performance circuitry, robust computing and communications, automated data extraction, innovative architected materials and quantum information technology. HRL is a Q-NEXT partner. Experienced undergraduate and graduate students interested in all areas of quantum information technology are encouraged to apply for an internship, which are offered year round and can be full- or part-time, in-person or remote. Recently posted positions include the following:

Student Internships in Quantum Information Science

Q-NEXT member institutions are committed to the education and training of the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers. Q-NEXT internships provide an opportunity to work jointly with industry partners during the summer of 2021.


Student internships with Q-NEXT are available to graduate students at U.S. universities pursuing degrees in areas related to quantum information science.


Students will gain experience in a dynamic environment with close collaboration between researchers at national laboratories, industry and academic partners. Students will benefit from broad exposure to research challenges in quantum information science and an expanded professional network. The program builds on the successful National Science Foundation funded Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network (QISE-NET) model piloted by the Chicago Quantum Exchange.


Q-NEXT’s student internship program will begin accepting applications in 2021 to pair students with mentors from leading partner technology companies engaged in quantum information science research. Students interested in working with Q-NEXT are encouraged to check back here for forthcoming program details and application instructions.