About the National QIS Research Centers

The U.S. DOE National Quantum Information Science Research Centers are leading the quantum revolution.

Q-NEXT is one of five U.S. Department of Energy National Quantum Information Science (QIS) Research Centers, which constitute the first large-scale QIS effort that crosses the technical breadth of the DOE Office of Science.

The aim of the centers, coupled with DOE’s core research portfolio, is to create and to steward the ecosystem needed to foster and facilitate advancement of QIS, with major anticipated national impact on national security, economic competitiveness and America’s continued leadership in science.

Led by a DOE national laboratory, each center incorporates a collaborative research team of labs, universities, and private companies that span multiple scientific and engineering disciplines. In addition, each center seamlessly integrates the science and technology innovation chain to accelerate progress in QIS research and development, to facilitate technology transfer, and to build the quantum workforce of the future.

Together, the five centers are developing technologies that go beyond what was previously imaginable.

View the 2021 National QIS Center brochure. Learn more about the centers at the Department of Energy.